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The Stafford Story: I Just Want This Feeling To Last

Dave Thorley, co promoter of the Top Dog Soul Club, later sole promoter. Experienced DJ at venues prior Stafford such as Yate and he still DJs to this day around the world. He has a broad taste in Soul Music, right across the decades and this is reflected in his DJ sets.

Paul Simpson Connection - Use Me Lose Me - Rams Horn
Marlena Shaw - I Just Want This Feeling To Last - South Bay (Hot Traxx remix one spun by Dave)
Kathy McFarland - Memories - Jobete
Baiser - Summer Breeze - Polystar
Colorblind - Crazy - Capitol
Colors - Am I Gonna Be The One - First Take
O'Jays - Put Your Heads Together - PIR
David Joseph - You Can't (Hide Your Love From Me) - Island
Ze-Brazz - Feels So Good - Atlantic
Bobby Womack - Tell Me Why
Loveman Ronnie Stokes - Touch You Again - Philly Town
Vivilore Jordan - All Work And No Play - Task
Family Affair - You Can't Stop My Loving - Jobete
Glenda McCloud - No Stranger To Love - HGEI (came from Stuart Cosgrove)

Something New To Do

Here is set two featuring more Modern Soul, Crossover Soul and a couple a little on the funky side.

Manhattans - Crazy - CBS/Columbia
Jewel - Paradise - Jewel (Late Yate/Early Stafford)
Bobby Womack - Trying To Get Over You - Beverley Glen
Richard "Popcorn" Wylie - How did I Lose You - ABC
Bobby Womack - So Many Sides Of You - Beverley Glenn
Jessie Henderson - I Did It Again - Land Of Hits/Lasso
Johnnie Taylor - What About My Love - Beverley Glen
Earl White Jnr - Very Special Girl - Cygnet
Mel Williams - Sweet Girl Of Mine - Buddah (came from Tim Ashibende and Butch)
Rochelle Rabouin - This Is My Year - Cygnet
Sir Henry Ivy - He Left You Standing There - Future Dimension (came from Mick Godfrey)
James & Truitt - What's Wrong With It - Juca
Memphians - South Memphis - Bluff City (late Yate/Early Stafford)
Whispering Shadows - Stop The World - Mr D's
21st Century - Your Smallest Wish - BeeGee
Wali Ali - (Oh i) Need Your Lovin' - Jobete
TSU Tornadoes - What Good Am I - Atlantic
Guitar Ray - You're Gonna Wreck My Life - Shagg (came from Tim Ashibende and Butch)
Bobby Sheen - Something New To Do - Warner Brothers (came from Tim Ashibende and Butch)
Soul Brothers Inc - Pyramid - Golden Eye (Mel Britt c/u)

A Room Full Of Tears

The last two sets from Dave were Modern and Crossover Soul (hope you enjoyed them) so it is now time to redress the balance and get some
60’s in the mix. We have what I think is a fantastic selection for your listening pleasure so get downloading and enjoy.

Mel Wynn - I Don't Want To Lose You - Wand
Turks - The Bad Brought The Good - DJO
Empires - You're On Top Girl - Candi (Johnny & Mondells c/u)
Larry Davis - I've Been Hurt So Many Times - Kent (came from Neil "Nogger" Allen)
Fabulous Apollos - Determination - Valtone
Fabulous Moonlighters - For Granted - Blue Eagle
Porgy & The Monarchs - Congratulations - Bell Sound Acetate
Ringleaders - Win You Over - Int. Recording Co. Studio Disc
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - I Care About Detroit - Standard Groove
Mamie Galore - No Right To Cry - Sack
Roger Hatcher - Sweetest Girl In The World - Excelllo
Black & Blue - What I Got - Mercury (came from Tim and Butch)
Gino Washington - Rat Race - Test pressing (Detroit Five)
Otis Leavill - I'm Amazed - Limelight
Sam Dees - Lonely For You Baby - SSS International (Dan Brantley c/u, came form Ady Pountain)
Houston Outlaws - Ain't No Telling - Westbound
Classics - So Glad That I Found You - Yan-G
Ringleaders - All Of My Life - Int. Recording Co. Studio Disc
Billy Kennedy - Sweet Things - Thelma
Blenders - Your Love Has Got Me Down - Mar-V-Lus (Dave originally played an alternate take from a Studio Disc)
Charlotta Tillman - Baby I'm Serious - Josie
Oscar Perry - Face Reality - Feron
Moments - You Said - Deep (Sweethearts c/u, Late Yate/Early Stafford)
Chuck Holiday - Just Can't Trust Nobody - Gloria
Kell Osborne - Quicksand - Titanic (came from Rob Moss)
Johnny Gilliam - Room Full of Tears - Cancer (Charles Johnson c/u)

Soul On The Modern Side

Johnny Scott - Let Me Be A Winner (Spoken Intro) - Portra
Anacostia - What Kind Of Love - Columbia (Van McCoy cover up)
Exportations - I Want You - Vir-Ro
Storm - Can't Nobody love Me Like You Do - Rosette
Webster Lewis - Let Me Be The One - Epic
Hiroshima - Never Ever - Arista
Jerome Jones - Don't Change - Jham For Life
David Martin - You're Mighty Right - Jay Pee & Rekord
Pheeroan Aklaff (Michael Gregory on Vocals) - Fits Like A Glove - Gramavision
Kashif - Just Gotta Have You (Lover Turn Me On) - Arista
Geater Davis - Don't Give Up - MT
Marc De Noel - Heartaches - Marc
Fantastic Shakers - Biggest Mistake - Fantastic Shakers 17041(Dexter Jones - My Mistake)
Centre Stage - Hey, Lady - RCA
Reo Lane - Give Me Your Love - Bren
Willie Johnson - What Am I Gonna Do Without Your Love - Savannah
Five Special - The More I Get Top Know You - T.E.A.I.
Electric Express - Hearsay - Key Vac
Gene Dozier & The United Front - You're The Best Girl I Ever Had - Mercury
Chuck Brooks - You Can't Be In Two Places At The Same Time - Chimneyville
Brand New - Thousand Years - DuVern
John Simeone - Who Do You Love - TNT 1001
William Bell - Tryin' To Love Two - Mercury

The First Taste Of Hurt

Marshall Donavon & Broomfield - Since I Found My Baby - Augusta
James Walsh Gypsy Band - Cuz It's You, Girl - RCA
Valerie Lamar - Shame - Dee Dee
Debby Dobbins - Glad I Found You - Spirit (1981)
Willie Tee - First Taste Of Hurt - Gatur
The Vines - Hey Hey Girls - Sutter
Carl Holmes & The Commanders - Soul Dance Number 3 - Blackjack
Kontetts - You Got Me Baby - Audio Sound Acetate
Bobby Wisdom - Handwriting On The Wall - Out A Site
Thee Chekkers - Lack Of Love - Look
Accents - Who You Gonna Love - One-Derful
The Globeliters - The Way You Do - Philtown
Bobby Wisdom - Girl I Cll My Baby - Out A Site
Gene Barbour & Cavaliers - I Need A Love - Hit
Albert Jones - Up To The Sun - Bumpshop 153
Willie Tee - Please Don't Go - Nola 737
Matt Brown - Thank You Baby - JarVal 0006
Attractions - Why Shouldn't A Man Cry - Bell
Dave Blocker - Nothing's Gonna Change Me - Robere
Samuel Moore & The TNT’s - I'm So Jealous - DJO
Preston Peters - Got To Have Piece Of Mind - Markhap 6467
Tommy Hunt - Words Can Never Tell It - Dynamo
Charades - You Better Believe It - Harlem Hitparade
Kenny Gamble - (I'll Just) Keep On Smiling - Arctic
Dena Barnes - Who Am I - Inferno
Lee Edwards & His Continentals - (I've Gotta Have Her) Need I Say More - Lantic Gold
Edwin Johnson - Ain't That Enough To Make A Man Cry - Post
Fabulous Apollos - Some Good In Everything Bad - Valtone
Four Tracks - Like My Love For You - Mandingo
Kenny Gamble - Chains Of Love - Arctic

Dancing In The Night

More Modern Soul Magic from the mid 80’s courtesy of Dave Thorley.

The Jones Girls - On Target - RCA
Five O’Clock - Hold On Tight- O'Clock
Aretha Franklin - Jump To It - Arista
Terry Wells - You Make It Heaven - Philly world
Kitty Haywood - Givin' It Up- Lance
Ren Woods - Get It Right - Elektra
Evan Rogers - Secret Love - RCA
Unique - What I Got Is What You Need - Prelude
Johnnie Taylor - Seconds Of Your Love - Beverley Glenn
Fishburn & Francis - Give Me Some Love - AIP International
Majik - Back In My Heart - Hi (Frank Beverly & Maze - I’m Running)
Jeff Tyzik - New York Woman - Polydor
High Frequency - Summertime - NIA (7”)
Peabo Bryson - Make Up Your Mind - Capitol
Lainer & Co - Dancing In The Night - Waylo

The Beating Of My Lonely heart

Across the board Soul Music. In the main all Stafford era spins with the odd Wigan and Yate discovery in amongst the mix.

P.W. Cannon - The Beating Of My Lonely Heart - Hickory The Star Treks - Gonna Need Magic - Veep
The “Q” - That’s The Way - Hound
(Richard’s James Lewis & Case Of Time cover up late Wigan, massive at Stafford for Dave)
Del-Larks - Job Opening (Part 2) - Queen City
Willie & Mighty Magnificent's - Check It Baby - All Platinum
(Willie Kendricks)
The Nite-Liters - Cherish Every Precious Moment - RCA
Three Shades Of Soul - Being In Love - Enjoy
James Conwell - Another Sundown In Watts - Guiness
Ty Karim - Lighten Up - Romark
Hattie Winston - When This Battle Is Over - Unissued Studio Acetate
Mel Williams - Sweet Girl Of Mine - Buddah
The California Playboys - Trying To Become A Millionaire - Loadstone
Ivan Neville - Dance Your Blues Away - Cookie
Four Sonics - If It Wasn’t For My Baby - JMC
Willie & Mighty Magnificent's - Soulin’ - All Platinum
Steve Mallory - Wanted For Love - Garrett
Little Henry Lee - Better Use Your Head - Gismo
Ral Donner - Mr Misery - Studio Acetate
Jimmy Raye - Philly Dog Around The World - KKC
Del Reys - Mama Was Right - New Breed
The Embers - Where Did I Go Wrong - Atlantic
The Servicemen - Are You Angry - Wind Hit
SouL Communicators - Those Lonely Nights - Fee Bee
The M&M & The Peanuts - The Phillie - Money

Shake Your A-S-S-E-T-S

More quality Modern Soul from Stafford in the mod 1980’s.

Hudson People - Trip To Your Mind - Hit House (12”)
C-Brand - Shake Your A-S-S-E-T-S - Detroit International
Magic Lady - Betcha Can’t Lose With My Love - Motown
Avatarr - Depression - Mystic Insight
Frazelle - Today is The Day (You've Got To Love Somebody) - Chocolate Cholly’s
Miroslav Vitous - New York City - Warner Brothers
Oliver Cheatham - Bless The Ladies - MCA
Patti Labelle - It’s Alright With Me - Epic
Lonnie Liston Smith - A Song For The Children - Columbia
George McCrae - Take It All Off - Soul City
Bobby Womack - Gypsy Woman - MCA
Ronn Matlock - You Got The Best Of Me - Cotillion
Ronnie Dyson - All Over Your Face - Cotillion
Donn Thomas - How Can I Help But Love You - Myrrh
Michael Smith - A Love That’s Heavenly Inspired - Pharaoh
Jerri Jackson - I Can Almost Believe - Parallax

Sweet Things

The Fabulous Apollos - The One Alone - Valtone
Billy Kennedy - Sweet Things - Thelma
Robert Tenard - Gotta Get Goin’ -
The Moovers - One Little Dance - Brent
The West Coast Distributors - Girl (I Love You) - Jam Cha
Johnny LeMac - Mama Take Care Of Your Baby - Brewtown
King Sound Interpreters - Hi Note - Talent Of Music
The Future Kind - It Takes A lotta Livin’ - Acetate
(Detroit Hitmen)
Del Royals - Man Of Value - Mercury
Ballads - Butterfli - Music City
Al Perkins - Yes My Goodness Yes - Atco
David Ruffin - Discover Me -
O’Jays - Be My Girl - Stang
Barrett Strong - Love Is You - Coup Records
Jerry Hoyle - Dream Lady - L.A.C. Records Lou Ragland - Now Is The Time For Love - Epic
Eugene Record - Where Are You? -
Soul Children - Summer In The Shade - Stax
Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes - Tell Me Why - MCA
The Mad Lads & Crossfire - You Blew It - Champion
Lamont Dozier - Going Back To My Roots - Warner Brothers
The Entertains - Love Will Turn Around -
Little Dooley - you Better Be Ready - KoKo
Tommy Hunt - The Work Song -
Honey & The Bees - Dynamite Exploded -
Herman Hitson - Yes You Did -
Brenton Wood - Cross The Bridge - Brent