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The Gospel According To Dave Godin

Towards the end of the 80's one of the Rare/Northern Soul Scene's most colourful characters, Pete Lawson, published two issues of his magazine "The Gospel According To Dave Godin".

Part homage to Dave Godin, part Pete's view of the scene, the people involved and not so involved who thought they were. Pete was sometimes very critical of those who he thought gave little and took a lot, some of Pete's views can be seen as harsh, some of his views are without doubt highly amusing. The magazines are however a good insight into how the scene was post Stafford and lurching into the 90's with a jolt.

The third issue Pete was tragically killed before he could publish. It was printed in his memory unfinished and complete with edit notes.

If you fancy a read of all three issues of Pete Lawson's magazines "The Gospel According To Dave Godin" then they are free to download as either a PDF or ePub file for those with iPads etc. The PDF will also open in iBooks on the iPad.

Jock’s View Of Soul

James O’Connor or better known simply as Jock. Renowned Scottish collector with a broad taste in Soul music. Jock also DJed and still occasionally does both sides of the border. His magazine only saw one issue unfortunately but it was a great view on the scene at the time. Go seek out Jock’s mix cloud mixes, well worth a listen.