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Welcome to Soul Underground.

This is a website dedicated to the music I grew up with and what has shaped my life, as a collector, DJ and I'd like to think as a person.

The main focus of the site is to tell the story of the music of the post Wigan Casino Rare/Northern Soul Scene. Primarily what was played at the Stafford - Top Of The World all-nighters under the auspices of the Top Dog Soul Club run by Dave Thorley and Keith Minshull. The story is told via the music, DJ by DJ with over 60 podcasts featured the music played at the legendary venue and beyond.

There is also a gallery featuring many of the faces from those days and also another gallery featuring flyers and adverts from Black Echoes magazine.

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You will also find various articles I have penned for various websites and magazines including the Post Wigan Sleeve notes for the Odyssey Time Capsule Box Set. The Kell Osborne Story is one that is particularly close to my heart. It took me nigh on two years to track him down and get his story told. I am pleased that he knew of his popularity this side of the Atlantic before he sadly passed away. The Servicemen is another story I was longing to tell. I had already contacted one of the members who was in a nursing home but alas he was moved and contact lost. That is until Larry Banks came along and we finally managed to get the story out not just of the Servicemen but Larry's also.

I hope as time allows to feature artist biographies friends have written.

There is also a page that features downloads of the Magazines written in the late 80's, and early 90's by Pete Lawson and James "Jock" O'Connor. They give a great in sight into the scene back then and Pete's magazines in particular make great reading. Pete holds no punches and tells it how he saw it back then.

Keep checking the site as hopefully I will update it on a more regular basis.